Shante Richardson was not born into a glamorous life, where a golden spoon was the privilege of choice. Where she was greeted at birth by two happy parents, grew up getting kisses by mom or dad at night or even grew into a woman that came from a loving family and go off to marry her prince charming. Her youth was filled with abandonment and abuse that included mental, physical, verbal and emotional. At 7, she became an official “ward of the state” and was bounced from aunt to aunt becoming a foster child. Although, family chose to obtain the responsibility of raising her this blessing became an unfortunate situation that only left the start of her scars. By age 17, she leaves the home of her aunt and uncle only to run right into the arms of her abuser where life begins to shed more tears and bring about more pain for her. As life continues for her she learns to grab ahold of her “faith” if she is to survive all the obstacles that she is presented with in her journey.


Shante has come a long way, and although she will always remember her pain she has grown into a wonderful mother of two children. Enjoying the beautiful sun of Florida and she enjoys music, reading and being in her yard.


As an author, Shante found a way to put her story into print to be able to share her triumphs and empower others through her words and heartache vowing to uplift a woman or a man so they can maintain their strength, find guidance and continue to strive through their own personal walk of life.