Get Away

Getting away was the hardest part for me. I stuck around in this abusive relationship for a few years and it tore me up from the inside. When I would wake up I would endure the smell of pain. This smell was described as “Hell” for me. Looking out the window and only seeing sadness. The trees barely having leaves on them. The ground full of oil. The clouds dim and gloomy. It was depressing. There were days I wouldn’t want to wake up at all. Being a young girl and experiencing such tragedy was extremely hurtful. I wanted nothing more but to be free from this “nightmare” that I was stuck in. I was pregnant, and young. I left everything I knew behind. I was living in a one stop light town by the name of Reed, Arkansas. I was a city girl, coming from San Diego, California. I knew nothing. I grew up in foster care and I wanted nothing more but to find love. I wanted someone to show me the attention I felt, I never had. I rushed myself and fell into the arms of someone that was not right for me, but I was stuck. I allowed lust to blind me and I was now pregnant and young. My child was my only being. I felt as if this baby would bring me a new reason to live. I needed to stay in the relationship to be sure my baby would be born healthy and in a safe place. My family (foster parents) had turned their backs on me completely. I even told them I was being beat, and I was hurting physically, mentally, and emotionally. They said “I had put myself in this situation and I had to get myself out”. I could not do or say anything, all I could do was cry. No one knew or cared about my pain. No one extended a hand to help me when I cried out loud in agonizing pain for help.

Being in a Domestic Violence relationship hurts. It will cause you to suck your life into a bubble. You will fight yourself to stay and you will fight yourself to go. I fought myself all the time, but it was the Black Eye that I received which made my fight more convincing for me to leave, and to leave as quickly as I could.

Today, I’m 15 years free of Domestic Violence. I’m living proof that you can “Get Away”. You need to find your inner strength. You need to have faith, and believe the next chapter you live in your life will have you free of DV. Believe, Plan and Get Away.

So today I promote #HandsOffMe.

This Campaign symbolizes “Strength, Will Power and Freedom”. In posting this hashtag, “#HandsOffMe” you are informing others that you are FREE or working on your FREEDOM. Let’s help inform others of the importance of DV awareness.

Share your story, be an advocate, be the voice for someone who is crying in the middle of the night, be the faith that someone is holding onto. I plan too.


Shante Lovely~


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