A movement created to empower those suffering from the challenges of freedom. This movement was created to inspire those suffering and empower the survivor to continue the fight for awareness to bring the acts of violence to an end. Let’s learn to heal internally before we apply physical damage to others. Let us be a part of a movement that is about redemption and change.

Let there not be violence. Let there be change. Stop the conflicts. Stop the rage. Learn to love. Learn to live. Together as one nation we can build awareness and help those that need it most. Love yourself first authentically.

A movement that was placed in a book by an author that experienced abuse at a young age by her teenage love affair. Little did she know things would take a dark turn for the worse. It wasn’t enough that she grew up in foster care, left abandoned by her alcoholic/drug addicted mother, mistreated by her own family and left feeling empty and battling her own purpose of being born. Why Me? She asked all the time as she cried herself to sleep at night. Why Me? As she was abused verbally, emotionally and physically by her boyfriend. Why Me? As she was left to be a single mother at the age of 19 so she wouldn’t have to be hurt anymore by a man. Why Me? As she woke up each morning trying to feed, cloth and take care of her only child with no help from family or friends. The Testimony this author describes in this book “Dysfunctional Blessing” is strong, honest and empowering.


Shante Richardson (Survivor)

Amazon: Dysfunctional Blessing By Shante Richardson