Let There Not Be Silence, To Domestic Violence

Speak! Domestic Violence (DV) is an issue that should not be kept in the dark, regardless if you are a victim, or know a victim, Speak! You have to find that inner voice within. The voice that is begging and urging you to take action against your abuser. The voice that is telling you that what you are going through is not love, its not affection, its not RIGHT! DV is an issue that affects not only women, but men, it affects not only men, but children. DV knows no age, race, color, creed, or gender. In order to end DV we must speak on DV. We must “out” the abusers, and push for harsher penalties. We have to stop glorifying DV, in the media,CUT IT OUT! We have to give better support to the ones that are being abused. It takes not one, but all of us to help stop DV and all of the heartache, and the trauma in which it causes. We must be the voice of the ones that are to scared to speak. Speak UP! We must teach our young kids to not abuse, to not lift a hand towards the one that you love. To not speak ill will towards your future significant other. Male or female must be taught to stand up for themselves, protect themselves, and to protect others. The cycle must be broken, the silence will be broken, Speak!

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Shante Lovely


I was that Victim. I stood idle. Today I stand 15 years free from the stigma of Domestic Violence. I will never forget my journey and my pain. I remember the day I packed my bags. It was after receiving a black eye in front of my new born baby boy. I was only 20 years old and I knew this was not going to continue to be my life.

I created an “Out”. I created a plan, I spoke up, I asked for help, I packed my bags and I got on the greyhound then on a plane and I got away with my new born in my arms. I refused to continue to let that abuse define my life and continue to allow me to be miserable.

Domestic Violence was my situation not my LIFE.

15 years free of Domestic Abuse, You can to. Stand Up, Be brave, get out and Speak UP.

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