My Travel Way To Healing! Canvas One

My Travel Way to Healing

I’ve always found traveling to be a spirited and yet lucrative way of dealing with pain. When I was just a young girl my mother being an alcoholic/drug addict kept my sister and I on the move. We walked the streets of San Diego, Ca for hours, during the day and even at night. This became the start of the “Traveling Spirit” for me. I always wanted to be a part of a life where all I did was fly around the world, visiting places and meeting new people. I wanted to experience a culture that was different from my own. The thought of seeing how others lived was intriguing to me and yet a mystery to an innocent mind. When you spend your whole life dealing with triumphs and hardships you tend to take yourself to a place that is fictional and or magical so you can pretend you are in a better place, a place of healing and controlled experiences.

I want to smile. I want to walk amongst the people that seem to enjoy life through a vision of art that is of a splattered canvas filled with traveling vision of displays. I want to create several canvases to hang in my imaginary mansion so I can display beauty to those that are suffering and need a magical healing. I want to create a wall of art from traveling. My first canvas would be of me traveling to Brussels, Belgium to explore what I love and enjoy the most “Christmas” at The Plaisirs D’Hiver “Winter Wonders” which is an annual event in Brussels. I would enjoy the lights that hang dangling by the thousands from a huge castle like historic building. The lights itself would twinkle my canvas and bring in a glimpse of hope and change for the moment with every twinkle. I would then enjoy the richness of the snow fall as I ice-skated through the beautiful moments in Brussels, Belgium. I would enjoy the Christmas trees that stand tall decorated with such enthusiasm and patience as they draw in eyes from all over with its beauty of lights and ornaments. There is no better feeling than to awake to a cup of tea with a cinnamon smell to fill the room as you look out the window to the elegance of the snow drops.

Make moments in traveling and become healed through beauty. This Canvas is only the start to my journey I still have a mansion of walls to fill with beauty of travel.


Come with me on this journey as we travel this world together.




Shante Richardson

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