I wish my mommy was different.

Dear stars:

I see you in the sky and you twinkle so brightly. I wish, I could sit next to you because everyone looks up when they pray for something better or for something to change in their lives. Mommy Prays to God and she always ask God for a change. She says that God will make everything better and that we won’t have to walk the streets anymore and that God will provide us with food, a home and sissy and I can go to school and be like the other kids in the area. I don’t know who controls the power of me eating and not being on the streets anymore because it’s scary but I do hope that my wish will come true.

Twinkle star will mommy every get a house for me and sissy? I don’t like walking all day because my feet hurt and my tummy aches because I’m so hungry throughout the day. Twinkle star will mommy ever get better? I hope that she will fight the drugs that control her attitude throughout the day and takes her away from sissy and I.

At night, we sleep at the shelter and I’m ok with that because we are safe from the darkness. The people that walk on the streets are scary, they talk to themselves and they act funny. I don’t like walking past them because they don’t seem to like other people. I try to walk as fast as I can past them so I don’t disturb them or wake up the scariest one’s with blankets over their faces. The shelter provides food and that I truly love because during the day when we walk I don’t get to eat much and my stomach will begin to ache. I get to meet other people in the shelter because everyone is like mommy. They don’t have a place to go. The kids are just as scared as sissy and I so that helps. We tell each other stories but we never respond back because I don’t think that our mommies like it when we discuss things about our days.

Twinkle star all I want is for mommy to be able to focus on sissy and I so we can have our own house and lots and lots of food in the refrigerator. If you will do this for me I promise to be good all the time and to help mommy to get better.


The little girl walking the streets.

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  1. Shaunte this is amazing. This blog gave me such a clear and cut visual of the things that young children see everyday; things that we never think about. Wonderful job Queen!

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